The Agile Learning Experience Cloud Platform for Work Skills.


Composable Architecture

Trailforce is built on Composable Framework integrating Agile Learning and dynamic skilling Methodologies.


Future-Ready Skills

Build critical skills for successful careers and future-proof people with continuous and connected learning.

Trailforce is the Industry’s first Post-COVID Composable Learning Experience Cloud (CLXC)

Many enterprises will reinvent some parts of the business and reduce others during the COVID-19 recovery, but will not be able to hire the digital-era skills needed to do it. At Trailforce, the Agile learning platform can help executive leaders upskill and reskill employees rapidly to execute post-pandemic renewal strategies.

Trailforce helps Workforce to build Technical and Soft skills to perform their job tasks.
Capabilities to Perform Job

Core Competencies

Connected Knowledge

On Demand Skills


Trailforce offers Composable Business Framework for accelerating growth through agile talent development. In the era of constant transformation and uncertainty organizations must engage in reskilling efforts to meet their objectives and drive value for their stakeholders. Learning and earning, then, are two sides of the same coin or ribbon.

Connected Learning
Connected Learning

Learning and earning, then, are two sides of the same coin. Executive leaders must make progress toward driving agile learning through dynamic skilling.

Digital Ready Workforce
Digital Ready Workforce

Competency development motivates performance when employees are learning new work processes and skills for building the digital business in digital ecosystems.

Gamified Learning
Gamified Learning

Inspire employees to follow the correct processes, change their behaviours, collaborate more with peers, develop clarity in job objectives, and learn new skills.



Leaders and their teams can enroll in this program to build a practical understanding of this skill and how to demonstrate the competencies in their day-to-day work.



Digital business endeavors require that teams embrace new technical skills while strengthening foundational ones and creating a learning climate and culture.



Make the “Employee Experience” a key concern of the organization by implementing Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) Tools and Experience Level Agreements (XLA).



Some of the key skills such as Critical thinking and decision making, creativity, project management, analytical thinking, and problem solving are crucial for organizations.

Klaus Schwab

50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025, as adoption of technology increases, according to the World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report.

- World Economic Forum
Bill Gates

Bill Gates Says Success Came Only After He Learned This 1 Important Leadership Skill — Learn to delegate better.

- Inc. Magazine
Steve Job

Steve Jobs Systematically Cultivated His Creativity. You Can Too. Jobs did intuitively to unlock his creativity has been scientifically proven to work.

- Derek Doepker (Writer)
Leadership Team

Trailforce is an Enforce Venture — a company with a mission to put Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) in unison. We are hiring senior leaders to join Enforce at various levels to position Composable Products and Platforms in the global marketplace.

Venky Vijay - CEO Venky Vijay - CEO
Venky VijayCEO

The Experienceo

Venky Vijay is the founder and CEO of Virtuos Digital — The Experience Consultancy that transformed Customer Experience (CX) for more than 100+ leading brands worldwide. Virtuos Exonomy Incubates Indic Digital as independent company. At Indic, Venky is responsible for:

  • Setting standards of excellence that reflect high ideals and a sense of integrity
  • Striking a chord in people; motivating them by tapping their competitive drive
  • Lead Indic as "Experienceo" and live by the vision and mission every day
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